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Create Your Own Pizza

Small Pizza 10'' [ 6 Slice ]

$ 6.29

Add Topping 1.50 each

Med Pizza 12'' [ 8 Slice ]

$ 8.29

Add Topping 1.75 each

Large Pizza 14'' [ 10 Slice ]

$ 9.99

Add Topping 1.99 each

XLarge Pizza 16'' [ 12 Slice ]

$ 13.99

Add Topping 2.25 each

Party(Square) Pizza 18'' [ 20 Slice ]

$ 17.99

Add Topping 3.25 each


Regular | Gluten Free|  Thin crust | Thick crust

BBQ Sauce Alfredo Sauce Pesto Sauce Tomato Sauce

(Tomato Sauce & Cravings Cheese Blend Included)

Choose Your Topping (* count as 2 toppings)



Fresh Mushroom -------- Pineapple            
Green Pepper -------------Tomatoes             
Red Onions -- -----------Green Olives       
Hot Banana Peppers ----- Black Olives          

  Sun- Dried Tomatoes ------ Carmelized Onions       
Baby Spinach --------------- Artichoke Heart          

Jalapeno Peppers -- ------Broccoli -- Sweet corn
Roasted Red Peppers------------------Bruschetta*

Pepperoni -- Bacon Bits

Grilled Chicken* -- Anchovies*

Bacon Strips ---- Salami
Spicy Italian Sausage -- Mild Sausage    Ground Beef -- Ham -- Meatballs

BBQ Pork Sliec* 


Cravings Cheese


No Cost Extras Topping
Fresh Garlic ------ Chili Pepper


Freshly Baked

Garlic Bread – 5.29 Garlic Bread W/Cravings Cheese Blend – 6.59 Bruschettabread – 6.79
Cravings Bits – 3.66
Cravings Homemade Style Cheesy Bread Sticks – S 5.89 M 7.59 L 9.69


(Choose Deep Fried or Baked)

Greate Your Own Panzerotto

Choose Any 3 Toppings Form Toppings Page
Extra Topping $1.50 Each

Basic 1 Topping Panzerotto -- 7.99
3 Topping Panzerotto --9.29
Hawalian -------- 9.29
Ham, Bacon Bits,Pineapple
Canadian -------- 9.29
Pepperoni,Bacon Bits, Mushroom
Meat Lover ----- 9.29
Pepperoni , Bacon Bits , Mild Sausage
Veggie Lover ---- 9.29
Baby Spinach,Green Pepper,Mushroom,Red Onions
Cheese Lover ---- 9.29
Mozzarella,Brick Cheese,Feta,Parmesan & Blue cheese


Garden salad ---------- 6.99
Red Onions, Green Pepper,Tomatoes,Lettuce (Italian Dressing)
Greek salad ----------- 6.99
Green Pepper,Black Olivers,Tomatoes,Red Onions,Cucumbers,Feta,Lettuce (Greek Feta Dressing)
Caesar salad ----------------6.99
Bacon,Croutons, Lettuce,Parmesan Cheese (Caesar dressing)


Rich with Gravy & Real Cheese Curds

Traditional poutine ---- (S) 5.29  (L) 7.29

(S) - 7.29 ----- (L) - 9.29

Jalapeno Peppers, Diced Tomatoes,Green Pepper,Black Olives,Ground Beef
Bacon Double CheeseBurger
Bacon Bits ,Ground Beef, Cheddar
Garden Vegetable
Green Pepper,Red Onions,Fresh Mushroom,Tomatoes
Meat Lover
Pepperoni, Bacon Bits ,Ground Beef, Mild Sausage
Crispy Crispy
Crispy Onions, Bacon Bits,SunDried Tomatoes, Sweet Corn
Pulled Pork
Pulled Pork, Carmelized Onions,BBQ Sauce
Chicken Jack
Grilled Chicken, Jalapeno Peppers,Red Onions
Chicken King
Grilled Chicken,Hot Sausage,Mild Sausage,Crispy Onions
Chicken Queen
Grilled Chicken, Fresh Mushroom,Carmelized Onions


Greate Your Own Pasta

Pasta and Sauce 7.29

(All Pasta Come Garlic Bread) 

Step 1 Choose Your Pasta

Spaghetti Penne Fusilli

Step 2 Choose Your Favorite Sauce

Tomato  Sauce Alfredo Sauce Rose Sauce Pesto  Sauce

Step 3 Choose Any 3 Toppings Form Toppings Page
Extra Topping $1.50 Each


Pa1 with Meat Balls & Tomato Sauce
Pa2 with Grilled Chicken, Sun-Dried Tomatoes.Corn & Alfredo Sauce
Pa3 with Hot Sausage , Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Rose Sauce


Pa4 with Grilled Chicken,Bacon Bits,Fresh Mushroom & Alfredo Sauce
Pa5 with Mild Sausage,Bacon Bits,Baby Spinach & Tomato Sauce
Pa6 with Grilled Chicken, Artichoke Heart & Totmato Sauce


Pa7 with Baby Spinach, Fresh Mushroom,Feta Cheese & Pesto Sauce
Pa8 with Grilled Chicken,Fresh Mushroom & Alfredo Sauce
Pa9 with Ground Beef,Green Peppers & Roes Sauce

Chicken wings

12 Piecces          8.99 24 Piecces          17.99 36 Piecces          26.99

Dipping Sauce
( Mild .| Med .| Hot.| BBQ. | Honry Garlic . |Buffalo .| Sweet Chilli .| Blue Cheese )

Cravings Specialty Pazzas

S 8.99   | M 11.49 | L 14.49 | XL 17.49

Special Chow Mein Pizza
Sweet Chili Sauce,Chow Mein Noodle,Green Onions,Bean Sprouts,Cheddar ,Cravings Cheese Blend

Pepperoni,Bacon Bits,Fresh Mushroom,Cravings Cheese Blend

Ham.Bacon Bits,Pineapple,Cravings Cheese Blend

Meat Lover
Pepperoni,Bacon Bits,Ground Beef, Cravings Cheese Blend

Bacon Double CheeseBurger
Bacon Bits,Ground Beef,Cheddar, Cravings Cheese Blend

Bruschetta,Basil,Parmesan Cheese, Cravings Cheese Blend

Hot Sausage,Roasted Red Pepper,Red Onions, Cravings Cheese Blend

Veggie Lover
Baby Spinach,Green Pepper,Tomatoes,Mushroom, Cravings Cheese Blend

Master Olivia
Pepperoni,Green Olivia,Bacon Bits, Cravings Cheese Blend

Black Olivia,Tomatoes,Red Onions,Feta, Cravings Cheese Blend

Cravings Gourmet Pizzas

S 11.99  | M 14.99 | L 16.99 | XL 20.99

Classic Deluxe
Pepperoni,Green Pepper,Fresh Mushroom,Roasted Red Pepper,Red

Onion,Salami,Tomatoes, Cravings Cheese Blend


Bruschetta Chicken
Bruschetta,Grilled Chicken,Fresh Garlic,Parmesan Cheese, Cravings Cheese Blend


Pesto Chicken
Pesto Sauce,Zucchini,Grilled Chicken,Feta,Red Pepper, Cravings Cheese Blend


Chicken Alfredo
Alfredo Sauce,Baby Spinach,Grilled Chicken, Cravings Cheese Blend


Cheese Lover
Mozzarella,Brick Cheese,Feta,Cheddar & Parmesan


Pulled Pork
BBQ Sauce,Chipotle Pulled Pork,Caramelized Onions, Cravings Cheese Blend

Thai Sweet Chili Chicken
Sweet Chili Sauce,Red Onions,Sun-Dried Tomatoes,Broccoli,Grilled Chicken,Feta, Cravings Cheese Blend

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